Home Security Options

burglar1Home Security Options….protecting your home and loved ones is important to everyone. Finding the right home security options which can protect you and your possessions is important but, finding the right one can be difficult.

There are lots of different home security options in the market place, how do you find the right one for you? Sadly burglaries and break-ins are a reality, getting the right home security system can make all the difference to your safety.

Intruder alarms- Intruder alarm security systems have been around for many years, but recent advances in modern technology have made these systems even more effective. They work by using infrared light and magnets on windows to detect intruders.

The cheaper option is to buy and install the intruder alarm yourself. DIY home alarms are a cheap option but failure to install the alarm correctly could result in it not operating correctly. Cunning burglars have also become skilled in disabling simple systems.

One of the best home security options is to have a professional install a monitored intruder alarm system. Having one installed professionally will cost more money. The benefit of having one installed by a professional, means that it will be in good proper working order and fit for purpose.

Monitored systems will also contact you increase of intrusion helping those unwanted visitor get captured by the authorities. Modem advances mean you can addition features like GSM alarms which can be controlled by your mobile or panic buttons.

CCTV- CCTV can provide an extra layer of security to your home by monitoring and recording different parts of your property. CCTV is now much cheaper and accessible to home owners. One of the major benefits of CCTV is that it can provide the authorities with a clear visual description of culprits, in the case of a burglary. With advances in technology new cameras are much smaller and less obstructive. Recordings can also be placed on a hard drive or disc getting rid of the need for tons of video tapes.

Guard Dogs- Guard dogs are still used as a home security option. Be aware, using your existing pet dog and training him to bark when people approach is not the same as having a guard dog. Real guard dogs are of certain breeds and properly trained. Guard dogs are a good option for those who have large back gardens and open areas which are difficult to capture using CCTV at nightfall.

Lighting- Having security lights and light timers installed can deter potential intruders from breaking into your property. External security lights are a good way to deter criminals and can enhance other security devices like CCTV. They work using an infrared beam which when crossed triggers the lights to come on.

The one downside to this device is if you live in an area populated foxes and other animals which cross your property, the light may constantly be switching on and off. Light timers are a great invention which can help keep your property safe when you are not home or on holiday. The timing devices turn your lights on and off and give the appearance of someone being home.

Whichever security device you choose be sure to remember the basics of home security. Keep all your windows and doors locked when you are not in the property. Try to avoid leaving spare keys outside your property. Get to know your neighbors and possibly your community watch team. Strengthen your doors and locks, make sure they are strong and functioning properly. Doing the basics can help improve your home security and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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